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Hotel infomation

■Hotel name

Welina Hotel Honmachi




3-Chome 3-6, Kutaromachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


I go out of the exit number 12 more than each subway line "Honmachi station", and, 2 minutes on foot


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■The number of rooms

165 rooms

■The relaxation and are enjoyed fully at Welina Hotel Honmachi.

A wonderful relaxation plan is set up to the office worker who got tired at Welina Hotel Honmachi.
When you heal fox and raccoon dog of a body casually, a body care massage of a therapist of hotel belonging becomes famous.
And after a massage became fine for bloodstream, to call just as it is would also be fascinating.
Uehonmachi is the location which tends to access the north in Osaka and Minami, so , you dispatch him, it'll be convenient location.
Because bloodstream of a body became good by the relaxation hard, it's the place where I'd like to enjoy play with Miss exciting without making an effort, just as it is.
Though a queen-size bed is the size which can be used for a deli help leu with no problem, and the sheets and the pillow are simple, there is cleanliness.
Air conditioning is also steady, so it would be possible to enjoy the flexible health play I don't ask about a season.
They're rather hotels for staying overnight not including meals, so they're faced facilities more to the casual play enjoyed impulsively by tension on the day than I play deliberately.
The amenity was also sufficient and even variously, so while keeping the cleanliness by slightly special option play.
It would be possible to be satisfied fully. If the relaxation and are experienced both, it's here.