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Hotel infomation

■Hotel name

Moxy Osaka Honmachi


The new sense hotel brand of the youthful spirit filling Marriott international develops is Japan's first landing!
The designability which feels like taking a picture unconsciously.
Open 24 hours bar lounges and fitness gyms juxtapose!




2-Chome 2-9, Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka


From Sakaisujihommachi station, 6 minutes on foot. Than Higashifunaba JC, 1 minute


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■The number of rooms

155 rooms

■The hotel appreciated by Miss certainly with the fashionable design "Moxy Osaka Honmachi"

The hotel they seem to fall a sense where and that as if I have come to the foreign country at all, are Moxy Osaka Honmachi though they're in Japan.
I also peep there from a lobby where the casualness of which I can't think as a hotel stands out, and it's known.
The guest room rather than one room where a room in Moxy Osaka Honmachi is also a hotel and calling, it builds into enough interior.
You'd be able to enjoy time with Miss different from usual for the person always enjoying at a hotel, too.
Air in a hotel different from the ordinariness may be able to enjoy exciting time with Miss.
When not the ordinary plan enjoyed by one room in a hotel, but a date plan was taken in.
It would be better to enjoy a toque at the bar in Moxy Osaka Honmachi.
Dirty play, as I enjoy myself, it isn't .
Isn't the fact which enjoys time with the lady also the delicious taste?
Facilities in Moxy Osaka Honmachi are also can spend such time.
Because it isn't one in an exact hotel, when enjoying the broken atmosphere, I can recommend you Moxy Osaka Honmachi.
It's better to open up to Miss first and when inviting Miss as a repeater, it can be used as the chance to know of a mutual thing.
Please enjoy time different from usual.